About Castro Nail Salon

Castro Nail Salon was established in April 2004, in the same location but with smaller staff and less amenities. We had less spa chairs and no real private wax room. In 2009 we did a major makeover and total remodel, we now have 4 spa chairs and a private wax room.

Our price for our services are very competitive as we have weekly specials and over the years we established a very good client base.

Last year we signed up with the city of San Francisco and became part of the city's green business where we cut back and eliminated many of the toxic materials that are commonly used in traditional nail salons and adapted a zero tolerance for such materials. The city's health and environmental department had lead the way and we are proud to be part of that program, and that is reflected in our diligent cleaning and disinfecting of our tools and equipment.

One final note, and that of being a small business who caters to a very vibrant community. As we receive business we also don't shy away from supporting community benefits and fundraising by way of donating to such worthy causes.

In the heart
of the Castro

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Our goal is to create an environment that supports our guests needs. The services we provide are exclusive to our salon, including our Castro manicure and pedicure.

Healthy Nails
Salon Certified

Cleanliness and sanitation
is our top priority.

You can breathe easy, Castro Nail Salon is dedicated to bringing safer practices, less toxic products and better ventilation. We are recognized as a “Healthy Nail Salon” by the San Francisco Department of the Environment.

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I love them! The owner is super friendly and the ladies who work there (3 are sisters!) seem to really enjoy their work. I'm a super picky manicure person and I've been impressed every time I've gone. Read Reviews